Active Workpapers delivers automation and seamless synchronisation with powerful integrations.

Why Active?
We’ve spoken to accountants to discover their frustrations with their current workpaper process: 

Manual, error prone spreadsheets

Lack of standardisation across the firm

Need to cater for different types of clients with varying needs

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How Active can help?

Let Active streamline your workflow by effortlessly creating and populating workpapers and checklists. Our two-way integration establishes a single source of truth with the ability to push journals back to your source client record for heightened efficiency.


Whether using our templates or adding your own, create firm-specific binders for uniform use across your entire team. Preset checklists, with options for mandatory or recommended work instill rigor in your processes.


Experience the unique split-pane view where our feature-rich web interface seamlessly integrates with Excel, working as one cohesive system. This flexibility, combined with our adaptable features, makes Active a perfect fit for all your clients. 

Discover the future of workpapers production with Active Workpapers —where automation, standardisation, and flexibility converge for a streamlined and efficient workpapers experience.

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